5 Reasons to host your special event at Stones

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Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, wedding or hosting a conference, at Stones we

turn every moment into a lasting memory. Our serene and gorgeous venue will create a setting in

which you can host the perfect, elegant event to impress your guests.

Let us take you on a short tour and present you with a few reasons why you should consider hosting

your special event at Stones Wedding and Conference.


Tailored event planning

We offer tailored event planning to suit your every requirement. This combined with excellent

service ensures that your event not only looks perfect but goes down in history books as one to

never forget.


We pay attention to the smaller things

When having to arrange a big event, it often becomes difficult to keep an eye on every aspect and

ensure that all runs smoothly on the day. Through excellent service and exquisite attention to detail,

our staff members will ensure that your event runs as smoothly as possible on the day.

Affordable and comprehensive wedding décor packages

When planning an event, having to hire all the décor, equipment and so forth can become quite

challenging, not to mention expensive. Our function packages for hire include everything from

speakers and fairy lights to flowers, ribbons and all things else to make your event look fantastic.


Affordable corporate venue-hire packages

We aim to cater to your every requirement and this is why our corporate packages are every

comprehensive yet still affordable. Our corporate packages include venue-hire, tea, coffee & juice

with rusks, buffet lunches and delicious snacks.


Our venue is simply gorgeous

Your conference or corporate event need not be held at a boring, corporate building. Instead, host

your event in a gorgeous, tranquil setting that will create a lovely atmosphere for your guest.

Looking for a memorable venue for your wedding? You need not look any further than Stones. A

special day requires a special venue.


Contact us on 011 053 9798 or email info@stoneseventsgp.com for more information or to book our venue.

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