Flower Arrangements To Make Your Wedding Bloom

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Flowers are a very important element in every bride’s special day, they add on to the mood and ambience of the wedding. There are many symbols that each and every flower carries – whether it’s the traditional known symbol or one that is uniquely known to the couple.

Historically, brides wore flower crowns and carried a sheaf of wheat[i] to show fertility, and there would be a throwing or petals or rice as the couple comes out of the church.

There are a whole lot of thought that goes into the flower arrangements; from concept to execution, and one thing is for sure they should be in harmony with the theme. The time of the year plays a role when picking flowers, so if you know the flowers you want are only available in a certain season then it’s a good idea to have your wedding around that season.  It’s more affordable to choose flowers based on their season availability, getting off-season flowers can cost you much more than it would if you had got normal flowers.

Of course, couples have different tastes and this is evident in every wedding so the following are flower arrangements that you can consider for your wedding:

  • The floral head piece

This can give the bride an angelic and organic look, whether you go bold with color or a bit subtle with a white arrangement.  The fun part about flower crowns is that you can easily DIY, whether its fake or fresh flowers they always look amazing

  • The bouquet

This is the brides most looked at accessory after the dress. Is it fresh? Is it fake? Does it glow with bling? Show your creativity by mixing different or unconventional flower combinations.

  • The chapel arrangement

This is somewhat an important place as you will exchange vows and promises to each other. It is where your life begins. Let the flowers blossom like the love you have for each other.

  • The décor

They set the mood of the party and promote the romance for the day. It is like creating an atmosphere and it has a lot of elements, therefore, it is very easy to either get it wrong or right.


When choosing different elements for your special occasion we would advise you get professional advice, our in-house wedding planner that knows our facilities like the back of their hand will make this planning smooth sailing.  Visit our website www.stoneseventsgp.com or contact us at 011 053 9798.



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