Take The Party Outside This Winter

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Breathing life into the icy, misty and grey season can be quite a challenge, as most of us often prefer to spend time indoors and keeping warm. Unlike weddings, it is impossible to select a different season to have as your birth date – you remain a winter baby all your life.  But who said you can’t have fun in the cold?

Although handing out invitations to your birthday party this season may probably not look like the best of ideas, winter birthdays are also worth celebrating.  

Winter parties are exceptional, they have the power to turn up the heat in the cold and leave everyone warmed up.

If you’ve always had a problem of having guests rocking up to your winter party only to leave when the night is still young, then maybe you should grab a pen and draft some notes.



  • Bonfire Party!

Build up a crackling bonfire and have your guests sit around it. It requires less decoration and will give you enough time to bond with your guests in a relaxed setting. If reminiscing about old memories while sipping on some hot chocolate or wine and gazing at the beautiful stars sounds like a good plan, then this is the perfect option for you.


  • Keep It Hot At Most!
    It is crucial that you serve hot meals that are easy to grab and go, as most of your guests will want to keep their winter gear on while they dip in. Nobody wants to take off their scarves and mittens when it’s cold. Serve a variety of steaming drinks, soups and some fun finger food that will keep everyone warmed up and excited.





  • Provide Extra Warm Gears!

This will give your guests enough options to stay warm during the party. Make sure you throw a few woolen blankets, faux fur throws, and soft pillows to make your guests feel cozy and relaxed. Have some extra scarves, mittens, and hats ready for those guests who always rock up unprepared.


  • Add Beautiful Lights To Create A Warm Setting.
    What is even more beautiful about winter is that it gets dark earlier. Having a fire pit is a good way to provide some light, but it will even be more beautiful to have a setting surrounded by additional lamps, lanterns, string lights to brighten the darker spaces.


  • Don’t Forget The Music!
    Infuse different music genres to keep your guests on their toes. Shake off the freeze by playing refreshing tunes that will keep them relaxed while enjoying each other’s company.

We can all agree that planning a winter party is easier and less expensive compared to all the other seasons. If you are planning on going a little extra on your special day, with exquisite winter themes and décor –  you can book our venue at Stones  Wedding and Conference Centre and we will help bring your vision to life.


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