The pros and cons of each wedding season

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One of the biggest decisions that couples often need to make after getting engaged is when to actually tie the knot. Each wedding season comes with its own set of pros and cons; here’s a list of what you will need to know before you start sending out invitations.

The summer season is considered as the best wedding season, and most people love the high temperatures and bright sunshine.




  • The weather is near perfect which means you can make the most out of being outdoors. From the beautiful lighting for photography to the sun setting late giving you enough time to finish the festivities.


  • Be rest assured you will see bright summer colours at your wedding as guests will have significant freedom to rock up in a stylish summer fashion.




  • It might be too hot. We all know the frustration we get on a normal hot day, now can you imagine at a wedding! Sweating and fatigue do not sound like something you’d want at a wedding.


  • IT’S EXPENSIVE! Being peak wedding season, venues and service providers might amp up their prices and you might end up spending more than you should.



If you love warm tones of burnt orange and yellow hues then autumn[1] is the perfect season to have your wedding.




  • It’s a transition season so your colour palette from decor to the theme is endless.


  • The guests will get a chance to attend a midyear wedding for a change, and the ambience will be fresh and sparkly compared to the predictable summer wedding.




  • The days are shorter and tend to be colder at the end so your festivities might be cut short.


  • As said earlier, it’s a transition season so there is no telling if the weather will be more on the cold side or the hot side which is not ideal when planning a wedding.



A winter wedding[2] has its own kind of romance that enhances the craving for closeness and intimacy.




  • There is no denying that it is such a romantic season. From the warmth of love between you and your guests to the comfort food. Plus your wedding will just stand out and you won’t have to worry about guests being exhausted from hopping from wedding to wedding.


  • IT’S CHEAP! Everyone shies away from this season so it’s not peak season. It’s “discounts madness” and be rest assured most of your guests will show up since it’s not a busy season.




  • The weather limits you and it’s quite possible that you might spend most of the day indoors which can be quite exhausting.


  • The weather might ruin the whole event as guests might have to be overdressed.


Spring[3] is a beautiful time of the year, but the weather can be highly unpredictable from rainfall to warm temperatures.




  • The most perfect time for a wedding. It is flawless in our opinion. Lots of fresh flowers, the weather is warm and cool. Every location from the vineyard to the beach is ideal.


  • Also with summer approaching, the preseason deals by most vendors could come in handy.




  • Spring does not always mean perfect weather. That unexpected rain might hit your wedding so it is wise to plan for those inconveniences.


  • People that suffer from severe allergies might have a tough time especially if it is an outdoor venue.


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