The ultimate wedding checklist

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Your wedding day is a special day, one that should not be dominated by stress and wedding planning

anxiety. At Stones Wedding and Conference Centre, we aim to turn every moment into a lifetime of

memories which brings us to our wedding checklist. We’ve created this checklist – no – the ultimate

checklist, to help you turn your special day into the greatest memory of all.


16 to 9 months before your wedding day

I discovered I’m actually planning two weddings – the one inspired by Pinterest and the one I can

actually afford.

  • Determine your total budget
  • Hit Pinterest and every bridal magazine you can get your hands on to create your own wedding inspiration book. Visit bridal conventions as well.
  •  Choose your bridesmaids and groomsmen
  •  Begin working on your guest list
  • Consider hiring a wedding planner if necessary
  • Reserve a wedding date and book your venue
  • Visit Stones’ website and have a look at our fabulous venue-hire packages
  •  Book your officiant
  • Research and start gathering quotes from wedding vendors such as florists, photographers andcaterers
  • Throw an engagement party


8 months before your wedding day

The first rule for choosing vendors is to avoid those who suggest that your budget isn’t sufficient.                                      The planning process should be about taking your ideas and making them work.

  • Mindy Weiss
  • Hire a photographer and/or videographer
  • Book your entertainment, either a DJ or a band
  • Meet with your caterers
  • Purchase your wedding dress (you’ll need to go for at least 3 fittings)
  • Reserve accommodation for out-of-town guests
  • Start your register
  • Launch a wedding website or create your invites


7 to 6 months before your wedding day

Good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there.

  • Start planning and saving for your honeymoon
  • Shop for bridesmaids’ dresses (this may take a while)
  • Meet the officiant
  • Send out your save-the-date cards
  • Book a florist
  • Arrange transportation
  • Start creating your wedding day itinerary


5 to 4 months before your wedding day

On your wedding day you should look like yourself at your most beautiful.


  • Bobbi Brown
  • Book a rehearsal dinner venue
  • Make sure your wedding invites are ready to be delivered
  • Select and order your dream wedding cake
  • Continue with wedding dress fittings and start buying shoes and accessories
  •  Schedule your hair and makeup artists
  • Choose your music and first dance song


3 months before your wedding day

It’s easy to get lost in what you think you ‘should’ be doing. Throw that out of the window and do what

you want to do!

  • Lucy and Robbie
  • Finalise your menu and flowers
  • Arrange wedding favours
  • Make a list of and approach the people who you’d like to make a speech at your wedding
  • Purchase your undergarments
  • Finalise the itinerary and print the programmes if you desire
  • Purchase the rings
  • Ensure that your vendors get a copy of your event schedule


2 months before your wedding day

A wedding is a party, not a performance. If at the end of the day you are married to the one you love,

then everything went perfectly.

  • Meet with your photographer
  • Send out the invitations
  • Enjoy your bachelorette/bachelor party
  • Book a dance instructor and start preparing for your first dance with your partner (be sure to practice your dance in your wedding dress and shoes at least 2 times)


1 month before your wedding day

I fell in love the way you fall asleep, slowly and then all at once.

  • The Fault in our Stars
  • Sort out the final guest list and see who sent their RSVPs
  • Get your marriage license
  • Go for your final dress fitting
  • Stock the bar
  • Make a many final payments as possible
  • Confirm your hair and makeup reservations
  • Assign seating
  • Purchase gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen
  • Write your vows if you wish
  • Cut and colour your hair
  • Send the final guest list to your caterers


Week of your wedding

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.

  • Delegate wedding day tasks
  • Go for your makeup and hair trial
  • Ensure that everyone in the bridal party has a timeline
  • Pick up your dress
  • Book a spa treatment and/or get your nails done
  • Break in your shoes
  • Pack for your honeymoon
  • Drink a glass of champagne and enjoy your special day


If you wish to book Stones Wedding and Conference Centre for your wedding day, contact us on

011 053 9798 or email

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