Tips on Hosting the Perfect Conference

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Planning an event, regardless of its nature, can be very stressful. Strategizing and defining your goals will help you filter out information that may overwhelm or elongate the process, saving you time and money also! Procrastination will creep in, be disciplined enough to not cave in. Knowing the perimeters of your event like date, time, contact details, vendors and so on is the basic information in your planning.

We have complied a list of things to do when planning a conference:

  • Start immediately

When it has been established that a conference should take place, planning should start as soon as possible. Procrastinating will have many strings left untied. Set the goals and strategies of the event, this way you will know when to start.

  • Check for competing dates

You do not want to have the same date as a major festival happening, having more than 3 dates in mind will help you narrow down to an ideal one. This will help you with vendors too, maybe they will have different discounts on some dates of the month and you can align your event with them.

  • Set a budget

Forecasting your expenditures and being able to track where the money went is one of the biggest measures of whether an event was successful and worth it or not. Things you can include in your budget should be food, beverages, venue hire, material hire and décor hire (keeping in mind that some venues do offer packages that go hand in hand with décor and sound equipment)

  • Marketing and advertising

Probably the hardest part, but thanks to todays technologies it becomes less of a daunting task. Also, depending on who you are targeting it should not be that hard narrowing down your invites. If it is an internal staff conference, an internal broadcast email may be the way to. When targeting the youth in a certain area, you might want to use social media and designated hashtags to get their attention. Google ads is also helpful plus your reach and impressions will be measurable.

  • Event execution!

The bigger the event, the more possibilities there are for something to go wrong. A good idea will be to have a plan B. It is better to come prepared than be sorry. Be ready for weather changes, power outages and all other possible things can ruin the conference. Professionalism should show even in the most unfavorable times.


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