The Ultimate Conference Checklist

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If you are interested in hosting one of the best conferences of this year you’ll want to do so at Stones Wedding and Conference Centre. Now that you have the venue sorted, there are many other things to get in line in order for your conference to be a success. With that being said, here follows a comprehensive checklist to help you.

  • Determine the name of your conference and the main topics you’ll cover
  • Create preliminary budget
  • Set a date and time for your conference
  • Do a venue visit to ensure that the venue suits your conference requirements
  • Contact Stones Wedding and Conference Centre to book your vanue in advance
  • Research and start getting suppliers of necessary goods
  • Research parking issues and transportation routes
  • Confirm dates, hours and prices.
  • Make a preliminary list of potential speakers you’d like to host at your conference
  • Contact potential speakers
  • Finalize list of speakers
  • Schedule speakers’ deliveries
  • Agree the performance schedule with speakers
  • Send official invitations to the speakers
  • Make accommodation bookings
  • Make travel arrangements if necessary
  • Arrange hospitality and transportation as required
  • Come up with a marketing strategy for your conference
  • Come up with a list of possible sponsors
  • Negotiate contracts with sponsors
  • Create conference theme and logo
  • Get quotes for printing of your promotional materials, TV/Radio ads etc
  • Create promotional plan – Internet campaign, TV/Radio campaign, printed materials
  • Design and print brochures, tickets, advertising materials, invitations
  • Promote event
  • Arrange advertising
  • Announce your event on social media, your website and as many other platforms as possible
  • Organise the distribution of your promotional material
  • Organise everyone (staff, volunteers, catering staff, venue staff) who will be helping you at the conference
  • Arrange catering
  • Finalise schedule for the entire conference
  • Ensure that final accommodation is arranged for all important participants
  • Organise the decor for your conference
  • Book technicians for audio-visual equipment
  • Book technicians for IT equipment
  • Book light and sound engineers
  • Ensure audio-visual equipment is operational
  • Arrange social programs and functions
  • Check equipment
  • Check Fire and Para-Medic compliance
  • Ensure updates of registration forms and website online links
  • Make a complete list of the details of all delegates for registration
  • Ensure that you print copies of the lists and bring enough pens


At Stones, we will ensure that your event goes down as smoothly as possible leaving you to relax and enjoy your special event. Contact us on 011 053 9798 or email to make your venue arrangements.


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